ORM Pte Ltd

Organisation Resilience Management Pte Ltd

With the increasing incidents occurring around us, we see a need to build a stronger foundation and awareness for people responsible for business continuity and organization resilience, in order to build a more robust and holistic organization resilience, in particular to 3 important domains – Business Continuity, IT Disaster Recovery and Data Centre.

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To bring the awareness of Business Continuity, IT Disaster Recovery and Data Centre Processes to greater heights and help organizations to build their resiliency against any unforeseen disasters or incidents, allowing them to re-bounce and continue their businesses.


To build a holistic Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery and excel in providing a robust and holistic business continuity and ensuring resiliency for organizations with a distinct differentiator, trusted and deliver trust services.


To enable and empower organizations to be resilient, fast re-bounce and continue their critical business functions in any event of any unforeseen incident/disaster.


ORM Pte Ltd Launches!

ORM official launching date: 8 August 2012